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360o Abroad is a migration agency experienced in visa application requirements. We understand that immigration law changes regularly and is complex in nature. Without an in-depth knowledge of the law, polices and regulations, it's more likely that a visa application that is unassisted will be unsuccessful or face lengthy delays. In fact, a recent report suggests that over 40% of visa applications are refused. Given that the government visa application fees are non-refundable and that refusal means starting the lengthy process all over again, it is crucial to prepare, refine and submit a complete and accurate visa application from the very beginning. We make sure this happens.

We have an experienced migration consultant leading the company. We adhere to the regulations set out by the respective Governments. We regularly attend Seminars & Conferences to ensure that we are up-to-date with the change in policies.

As our team includes people from different walks of life, including Engineers, Accountants, Professors & Lawyers, we can provide a broad insight in your visa application. The combination of experience from diverse disciplines means that we see your visa opportunities from a number of angles.

360o Abroad has alliances with reputable organisations that can help you settle Abroad on arrival. We can put you in contact with trustworthy people whose businesses understand the specific needs of newly arrived migrants.


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