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How do I choose a program?        Country of Choice
Choosing a study abroad program is harder than ever. With 1000s of specializations available and programs to choose from, every student is sure to find something that fits his or her needs. But with such unlimited options, it becomes increasingly difficult to choose the program.

Hence, to choose a program that would ideally suit you, you must
  • Understand how the program choice is relevant toward your degree or to your education as a whole.  
  • Check if the program relate to your major (if you already have one).
  • Analyse if the  program would give you the opportunity to take courses you might not otherwise have the opportunity to take in India.  
  • Find out if there are extracurricular offerings like organized field trips or intership options, that can enhance the experience.
  • Check the growth of the field that interests you and find out if graduates with your major being hired right out of college or if they need additional training?
  • Finally, you may prefer a program that has an on-site support network for international students.


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